LA 2.3 Planning for the Final Project

Reviewing the Project, Finding a Partner, & Making Initial Desicions


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use assessment data to plan, adapt and implement instruction for English language learners according to their level of English language proficiency.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers can use an asset-based perspective as they plan lessons and assessments for their students

Students are in the midst of studying one of their students to determine how to create assessments which all students have access to. Now they will begin the final project for the course using the materials and discussion to illuminate their learning.


    1.You will work in a professional learning community. You should cluster into groups that represent your grade level of content. There should be 3-4 people in your group. If you can find a partner who is at your same grade level (elementary) or your gade and content level (secondary) or your work asssignment, you can work in partnership. (If you work on an assignment other than teaching and no one else in your cohort has a non-teaching assignment, you can pair with a person who is at the same grade level as your assignment and pair with them).

    2.Read the overview of the final project together as a group. See the final project instructions in LA 6.5.

    3.Your group will team together to support each other working individually or in pairs to develop each section of your final project.  

    4.You will have some time to collaborate on the project during class. Each component will be addressed in the following class session.

    5.Use the Final Unit Lesson plan template and working individually or with a partner complete the following items:

    a. Indicate the grade level or content of the lesson plan.

    b. Select a grade level standard for your unit plan. Here are some guiding questions to help you choose a standard, and facilitate your final project:

    1) Identify a lesson plan you would like to develop stronger assessment for. 

    2) If you are working with a partner choose a standard and a unit plan you are both willing to work on. If your faciliator allows you to partner with someone at a grade one level above or below yours, you will need to select a standard that is fairly common to both and that either of you could use in your class. 

    c.Based on the WIDA language proficiency scores of your students choose the language domains (listening, speaking, reading and writing) that will be addressed in your Final Unit Lesson.

    d.Your final lesson plan will need to support students’ language acquisition in the language domains you identified.

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