HW 4.2 Analyzing Student Writing


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge and use of a variety of on-going, classroom-based assessments adapted to student needs.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 5

Teachers can use the WIDA rubrics to evaluate the language development of ELs and use their analysis  to assist ELs in understanding the demands of a writing assignment and evaluating their performance on that writing.

Students are learning about assessments for English language learners. They now will study building rubrics in writing to assist students in writing and evaluating their writing.


  1. Read the Writing with a Purpose bulletin, which explores ideas of how teachers can support ELs as they use language for various purposes in the area of English Language Arts, specifically in writing. This will help you in completing the WIDA Writing Analysis Process.
  2. Select a writing sample(s)from the student you are studying and use the WIDA Writing Analysis Process. Use the Language Systems Inventory and the WIDA writing Rubric and transfer your findings to the WIDA Writing Analysis process worksheet.
  3. Use the student sample(s) to complete the WIDA Analysis Process and provide a written analysis of the student uncovering where they are in their development of written language.
  4. Identify what the student can do with written language and in relationship to the demands of the task assigned and the criteria used for evaluating the writing as part of class work. Identify next steps for their writing development.

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