CoverAbout this Edition1. Education as a Necessity of Life 2. Education as a Social Function 3. Education as Direction 4. Education as Growth 5. Preparation, Unfolding, and Formal Discipline 6. Education as Conservative and Progressive 7. The Democratic Conception in Education 8. Aims in Education 9. Natural Development and Social Efficiency as Aims 10. Interest and Discipline 11. Experience and Thinking 12. Thinking in Education 13. The Nature of Method 14. The Nature of Subject Matter 15. Play and Work in the Curriculum 16. The Significance of Geography and History 17. Science in the Course of Study 18. Educational Values 19. Labor and Leisure 20. Intellectual and Practical Studies 21. Physical and Social Studies22. The Individual and the World 23. Vocational Aspects of Education 24. Philosophy of Education25. Theories of Knowledge 26. Theories of Morals Index of Topics
Democracy and Education

About this Edition

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