• Session One: Exploring My Culture and ELs Strengths
  • Session Two: Developing Understandings of Culture--Mine and My ELs
  • Session Three: Considering ELs as a Resource in My Teaching
  • Session Four: Developing Knowledge of Assets and Legal Obligations
  • Session Five: Attending to Standards and Classifications with WIDA
  • Session Six: Positioning ELs within the School Game
  • Session Seven: Promoting ELs Learning through My Learning
  • Session Eight: Celebrating and Presenting My Learning
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  • Translations
  • HW 6.3: Learning a New Language


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate how culture affects language development and academic achievement.

    Assessment: 50 pts.

    Due: Session 7

    Teachers can utilize some of the ideas presented in this TED talk to apply them in their work with English language learners they teach.

    Students are learning about teaching English language learners.  They have studied the Standards for Effective Pedagogy and Critical Learning Domains.  They will watch a TED talk about polyglots—people who speak many languages to apply it to their instruction for ELs.


    1. Use this link to get to the TED talk: https://equitypress.org/-HoI
    2. Listen to a person who loves learning languages and speaks 8 of them fluently as she shares information about polyglots and some of their ‘tricks’ to learn many languages.
    3. Take notes on the points she makes.  Select at least 2-3 things she shares that you might be able to apply to your instruction of English language learners.
    4. Write a one-page paper identifying ideas from the talk that you feel can help you in supporting ELs in becoming fluent in English. Then articulate how you will use the ideas in your practice including actions that would need to be taken.
    5. Bring it to class in session 7 to turn in to the facilitator

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