HW 6.2: Reconsidering Beliefs and Practices

Noticing My Learning and Growth


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Create a learning environment that is sensitive to and is supportive of English language learner’s cultural identities, language and literacy development, and content area knowledge.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 7

Teachers who make a habit of reflecting on their educational practices challenge themselves to increase the potency of their instruction on a daily or weekly basis.

Students have developed understandings of the critical learning domains to prepare to consider their own practices and identify next steps for teaching diverse students.


  1. In HW1.4 you took a survey. You turned in the results to your facilitator.
  2. Now you will take the survey again. Research indicates that when we take pre-post opinion surveys our answers might not be that different the second time, but our thinking and actions may have changed a lot because we have learned things.
  3. Now click on the link to the Beliefs Survey which is the same as the one you took in HW 1.4. You emailed a copy of your response to the facilitator
  4. As you take this survey again, be honest about where you are in your thinking and then consider carefully, why you think the way you do and note the things you have learned, the shifts you have made in your thinking and practice and share your thinking. As you take this survey, you may experience an Aha and this survey and your thinking about your development, learning and growth might be one of your Aha's for your final portfolio. 
  5. Print out the survey and bring it to class so you can compare it to the one you answered in the beginning of the course. (You also need to e-mail this copy of the survey to your facilitator). 

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