Original Research

Original Research


Original research consists of the collection and analysis of original empirical data rather than reporting on work that has been previously published. A work with this badge reports on original research that has not previously been published elsewhere.


Authors acknowledged to site administrators that this work reports on original research that has not been previously published.


50 Years of Education Research Trends

Book cover for 50 Years of Education Research Trends
Education research as a broad discipline has historically represented many subdisciplines seeking to answer various important questions, such as "how do people learn," "how do we create effective learning experiences for students," "how do we design effective schools and universities," and "how do we train effective teachers?" This book provides an overview of 50 years of education research (1970-2019) as well as future trajectories (2020) by providing decade-level snapshots of the most impactful research studies that were conducted in each subdiscipline across these years. Utilizing both quantitative bibliometric data and qualitative synthetic analysis, this book provides readers with an understanding of how education research has evolved over time and an understanding of how these trends may influence the ongoing work of education professionals.