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    Expertise in authorship is important to ensure that information in our books reflects the current state of the field. A book receives this badge if its lead author or editor is an expert.
    Site administrators have verified that the lead author or editor of this resource is an expert in the subject matter by holding a terminal degree (e.g., PhD) in the topic from an accredited educational institution.


    K-12 Blended Teaching
    Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology
    Qualitative Inquiry in Daily Life
    Democracy and Education
    The K-12 Educational Technology Handbook
    The Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research
    Design for Learning
    Integrating Content and Language Instruction
    Family, School, and Community Partnerships
    Developing Second Language Literacy
    Assessment for Linguistically Diverse Students
    Understanding Language Acquisition
    Foundations of Education for Emergent Bilinguals
    Visuals in Learning Design
    Assessing Wellbeing in Schools
    Assessment Basics
    Education Research
    K-12 Blended Teaching
    Facilitator Notes
    Tools for Guiding the Teaching of English Language Learners
    International Religious Freedom
    Designing Surveys for Evaluations and Research
    50 Years of Education Research Trends
    Creating the Virtuous Organization
    Student-Centered Approaches in K–12 and Higher Education