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General College Chemistry

Light + Learning

This volume is a collection of open-access articles written by faculty, alumni, and associates of the Instructional Psychology & Technology Department at Brigham Young University.

50 Years of Education Research Trends

Education research as a broad discipline has historically represented many subdisciplines seeking to answer various important questions, such as "how do people learn," "how do we create effective learning experiences for students," "how do we design effective schools and universities," and "how do we train effective teachers?" This book provides an overview of 50 years of education research (1970-2019) as well as future trajectories (2020) by providing decade-level snapshots of the most impactful research studies that were conducted in each subdiscipline across these years. Utilizing both quantitative bibliometric data and qualitative synthetic analysis, this book provides readers with an understanding of how education research has evolved over time and an understanding of how these trends may influence the ongoing work of education professionals.

Education Research

Written for introductory education research courses, this book gives students a broad view of the process, history, paradigms, and methods of education research so that they can become critical consumers of others' research, communicate in a variety of research languages, and navigate dominant research paradigms throughout their careers.

The K-12 Educational Technology Handbook

This textbook provides a set of high-quality resources to university educational technology courses. All chapters are written by professionals in the field, including university researchers, teacher educators, and classroom teachers.

The book in its entirety and each chapter can be freely accessed, downloaded, printed, and remixed. Professors of educational technology courses can select the chapters that will work best for them when creating course packets, and preservice and inservice teachers can use relevant chapters for trainings and professional development purposes.

The Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research

Written by students for students, this book is a continually-evolving class project for students of educational technology, learning, and instructional design.

Rapid Academic Writing

This book provides a primer on several aspects of academic writing.

The EdTech Books User Guide

This book provides guidance on how to use the EdTech Books authoring platform.

Visuals in Learning Design

Learning designers constantly use visuals to convey meaning and to shape learner experiences. Yet, designers often have little training or guidance on what makes for effective visual experiences and also regularly lack the technical and artistic skills necessary to create and modify their own designs. This book was written to accompany a graduate-level course in learning design that helps new designers to understand why visuals are important, how to make effective visuals, and how to use industry-standard tools (like Adobe Illustrator) to bring their visual designs to life.

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K-12 Technology Frameworks