• Advancing Arts Leadership
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  • Purposes of Art
  • Studio Structures and Habits of Mind
  • What is Art?
  • Why Teach the Arts?
  • Introduction to Arts Integration
  • Models of Arts Integration: More Than One Way to Do It
  • Performing Arts in the Early Childhood Classroom
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  • Develop the Brain-Body Connection

    Learning With the Whole Body

    The physical realm of development refers to the ability of the brain and body to engage in life and learning, which involves activating the senses and refining fine and gross motor skills. The activities in this section reinforce developmental skills essential to learning through potentially pleasurable physical activities, including dancing, singing, acting, and drawing. Teachers can use these activities with the whole class in a relaxed and mindful way, reducing stress and improving learning readiness for every student. By observing students' performance in these activities, teachers can identify challenges and strengths, mastery of developmental indicators, emotional regulation, and the effects of stress or trauma.

    The following describe arts activities that can be done in 5-10 minutes as simple rituals throughout the school day. In this way, all the art forms can be used as a type of "brain break" with a focus on nourishing essential skills and massaging mastery of developmental milestones. Keep a copy at your desk to remind you of the arts activities immediately available to you to help students regulate their brain and body connection.

    The Arts Playbook

    Pencil Play: Visual arts activities to support human development

    Playful Moves: Dance and movement activities to support human development

    Vocal Play: Music activities to support human development

    People Play: Drama activities to support human development

    Click here to download and print the entire "Arts Playbook" PDF.




    Click here to download and print the entire "Arts Playbook" PDF.

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