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  • Five Senses Mindfulness

    This intervention can be used with children and adults and requires little to no additional cost.

    Intervention Overview

    For this activity, students use each of their five senses to focus their attention on their surroundings. The following video, created by Sesame Street and the mental health platform Headspace, is a great introduction to the Five Senses mindfulness meditation practice. You may wish to use this video to introduce the activity to young students.

    Watch on YouTube
    Watch on YouTube https://edtechbooks.org/-UTpL

    Intervention Guide:

    Grade Level: All
    Materials: None
    Duration: 5 minutes daily or as needed.
    1. Have students notice 5 things they can SEE.
    2. Then, have them notice 4 things they can FEEL.
    3. Have students draw their attention to 3 things they can HEAR.
    4. Have them notice 2 things they can SMELL.
    5. Have students draw their attention to 1 thing they can TASTE.


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