Using Academic Vocabulary AK

  1. Exercise: Identify word forms

    1. development (n), develop (v), developmental (adj)
    2. support (n), supportive/supporting (adj), supportively (adv)
    3. sustain (v), sustainable (adj)
    4. explaination (n), explain (v)
    5. sequence (n), sequence (v), sequential (adj)
    6. partial (adj), partially (adv)
    7. collection (n), collect (v), collectively (adv)
    8. expectation (n), expected/expecting (adj), expectedly (adv)
  2. Exercise: Revise for word form errors

    1. completely = complete
    2. intelligence = intelligent
    3. apaprent = apparently
    4. famously = famous
    5. respectful = respect

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