Revise A Process Essay

How to Throw a Good Party

      Every year, lots of people have lots of things to celebrate. People get together and enjoy some quality time. To celebrate certain events, people frequently throw some kind of a party. They invite friends and family members to celebrate with them. Some people don’t like to plan parties because they think that planning a party is difficult. However, good parties can be easy to plan. You will host a good party.

      First, to host a successful party, you have to know the purpose of the party. You will have to ask why you are throwing a party. For example, you can have a birthday party, a wedding reception, or a baby shower. A theme is also important. For example, for a child’s birthday party, you can choose to have Disney as your theme. With this theme, you can have balloons that are shaped like Disney’s characters or other kinds of decorations. Once you know the purpose of your party, you will be on the right path toward throwing a successful party.

      In addition, to throw a successful party, you will have to make a list of the details carefully. Write down the date, a list of the guests, the food you want, and the activities you will do at the party. First, you have to find the perfect date to throw your party. After that, you will have to know who and how many people are going to attend your party. After listing who are attending your party, you will have to find a good location to host your party. For example, you will pick a place depending on how many people are attending or if it is a convenient location. After that, you will have to know what kind of food you want to serve. You can choose your dishes based on the theme of your party. For example, if it is a Hawaiian party, then you will have Hawaiian dishes. If you are having a party and cannot find a date that’s convenient for you and your guests, then planning the party will be a waste of time. Finally, you will have to list the activities you want to have during your party. It will be possible to throw a successful party if you follow these few steps.

      First, you will have to prepare the music you want to play for the party. Preparing a playlist is always good if you don’t have a DJ. Also, it is better to have the music ready before the party so you will not have to stress about it during the party. After that, you will need to prepare the food. If you are going to cook for the party, then you should make it way before the party starts. Cooking usually takes a lot of time that is why it is better to prepare everything before. After preparing the food, you will have to prepare the activities you have planned. For example, you should prepare the things you will need for the activities. All of these things will help you be prepared.

      In conclusion, if you know the purpose of your party, plan it carefully, and prepare everything before the actual date, then you will host a successful party. Planning a good party is going to work if you follow these steps. People, in general, like to have parties because they can enjoy themselves with people they love. These celebrations can be even more enjoyable if they have been planned well because the party will be more successful. The next time you need to plan a party, follow these steps and you will have a great party!


Exercise 1: Revise an esssay

Read the process essay. What revisions could be made to improve the essay? 

  1. Does the introduction provide the general information a reader needs in order to understand the topic?
  2. Does the introduction end with an effective thesis? Does it match the style of the essay?
  3. Do each of the body paragraphs begin with an effective topic sentence?
  4. Are the body paragraphs sequenced in a logical order?
  5. Look at each body paragraph. Do the supporting sentences support the topic sentence?
  6. Look at each body paragraph. Are the supporting sentences sequenced in a logical order?
  7. Look at each body paragraph. Is there enough development? Are there more details or examples that would help the reader?
  8. Look at each body paragraph. Does the concluding sentence close the paragraph logically?
  9. Does the conclusion paragraph start by restating the thesis?
  10. Does the conclusion paragraph have a suggestion, prediction, or opinion at the end?

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