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    Problem/Solution Essay Example #1

    1. Exercise: Analyze an essay

      1. Introduction, Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2, Body Paragraph 3, Conclusion
      2. There is nothing worse than being trapped in your car, waiting in the middle of a traffic jam. (hook)
      3. traffic (general topic)
      4. The best way to solve traffic jams is by using public transportation because it will be efficient, economical, and reliable. (thesis)
      5. First, using public transportation is efficient. (topic sentence 1), Another reason that public transportation is the best solution to traffic jams is because it is so economical. (topic sentence 2) Finally, public transportation is the best solution because it is reliable. (topic sentence 3)
      6. Yes
      7. Yes, Because it is efficient, economical, and reliable, public transportation is the best way to reduce the number of traffic jams. (restated thesis)

    Problem/Solution Essay Example #2

    1. Exercise: Analyze an essay

      1. Introduction, Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2, Body Paragraph 3, Body Paragraph 4 Conclusion
      2. Conversations happen everywhere: work, school, church, stores, dates, and even the gym. (hook)
      3. Conversations (general topic)
      4. International students can choose from various solutions to stop avoiding conversations and feel more confident. (thesis)
      5. One solution for students to develop more conversational confidence is to learn about current, relevant news. (topic sentence 1) Students can also prepare for common conversational topics if they want to be more active participants in conversations. (topic sentence 2) Another way to feel more confident is by listening to conversations. (topic sentence 3) A final way to overcome the habit of avoiding conversations is to refine language skills and prepare questions. (topic sentence 4)
      6. Yes
      7. Yes, In conclusion, students have many options to solve the problem of avoiding conversations. (restated thesis)


    1. Exercise: Brainstorm (free write)

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided
    2. Exercise: Revise thesis statements (Answers will vary, examples provided)

      1. There are three possible solutions to dealing with a noisy roommate: have a direct conversation, establish apartment rules, or finding a new place to live.
      2. Because eating healthily in college can be a difficult challenge, it is essential for schools to provide affordable, healthy food options on campus.
      3. In order to limit the distractions of cellphones in class, teachers should enforce strict rules.
      4. To reduce the number of car accidents caused by falling asleep while driving, states need to educate the citizens better, provide safe places for people to stop and rest, and place safety reminder signs on the roads.
      5. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a huge issue, but campaigns involving families can be effective in solving this problem.
    3. Exercise: Evaluate an outline

      1. No, the problem is not stated in the thesis, it only has the solutions
      2. Topic sentence 1 is incomplete, Topic sentence 2 is fine, Topic sentence 3 needs to be more clearly presented as a solution to the problem, the Conclusion is too general and not related clearly to the thesis statement
    4. Exercise: Make an outline (Answers will vary, examples provided)

      1. In order to manage their time properly, students should either buy a paper planner to use, get a scheduling app for their phone, or use a Google calendar. (thesis)
        1. A paper planner can be a great tool for managing your time well.
          1. writing things by hand can improve memory
          2. options to personalize & make it creative
        2. There are also many scheduling apps available to help students manage their time effectively.
          1. students always have their phones
          2. set reminders
        3. Finally, there is also the option of using a Google calendar for time management.
          1. easy access from anywhere
          2. set reminders
          3. some appointments added automatically
      2. Resources like a paper planner, scheduling apps, and Google calendars can be very helpful for students who strugggle to manage their time appropriately.
    5. Exercise: Make an outline

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided


    1. Exercise: Analyze introduction paragraphs

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided


    1. Exercise: Check your essay

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided
    2. Exercise: Revise this paragraph (Answers will vary, example provided)

      1. Limiting time on social media can improve relationships and academic performance. Limiting time on social media can help us make time for the people in our lives. Social media can be a great way to contact people who live far away, but it can also push away people who are physically present with us. Reducing the time we spend on social media can also give us more time for our studies. By decreasing the distractions from social media, there is more time to dedicate to focused study, which has the potential to improve our grades. We can limit time on social media by using an app to limit screen time, setting personal goals, and creating family rules.

    Revise a Problem/Solution Essay

    1. Exercise: Respond to feedback 

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided.

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