Educational systems worldwide need to be reshaped in the image of God and His kingdom. Academic publishing in particular allows individuals to exorbitantly profit from and needlessly restrict access to essential opportunities for learning. This creates an alarming state of affairs similar to that described in 3 Nephi 6:12 as follows:

The people began to be distinguished by ranks, according to their riches and their chances for learning; yea, some were ignorant because of their poverty, and others did receive great learning because of their riches.

For people of faith, educators, and educational institutions, this state of affairs should be troubling, because it leads to "great inequality," "pride," and the destruction of God's church on the Earth (3 Nephi 6:14-15).

Yet, a few chapters later (4 Nephi 1:3), we discover what the Lord's expectations are for His children in this regard and what a Zion-like system would be like:

They had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free, but they were all made free, and partakers of the heavenly gift.

This connection between equal opportunities to learn and the freedom to pursue the promised eternal blessings that Heavenly Father desires for His children was reiterated in D&C 78:6, where the Lord explains:

If ye are not equal in earthly things ye cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things.

Open textbooks as a giving machine

Creating and sharing open educational resources is one way of moving in this direction of Zion-like sharing and equality. By removing barriers to learning, open access to learning materials helps dissolve the persistent relationship between poverty, knowledge access, and social class and gives all of God's children equal access to life-giving learning. Surely, a Zion-like educational system equally provides access to learning opportunities for all of God's children.

This site and others like it provide an opportunity to fundamentally remake our educational systems in the image of God's kingdom by providing educational opportunities to all and allowing all of God's children to partake in life-giving and freedom-enabling learning "without money and without price" (2 Nephi 26:25).