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Advanced Writing4.45 star ratingWriting in the Social Sciences4.35 star ratingEducation Research4.24 star ratingThe K-12 Educational Technology Handbook4.16 star ratingDesign for Learning4.1 star ratingThe Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research4.04 star ratingK-12 Blended Teaching4.03 star ratingFoundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology4.02 star rating

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Design for LearningFoundations of Learning and Instructional Design TechnologyThe K-12 Educational Technology HandbookThe Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research

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Advanced WritingWriting in the Social SciencesAcademic B WritingAcademic A Writing

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Tools for Guiding the Teaching of English Language LearnersPrinciples of Language AcquisitionGrammaire Ouverte

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General College Chemistry

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